Ryan shot the photographic illustrations for my first published book back in 2007, Sticks in Petticoats: Parasol Construction for the Modern Costumer. I knew from working with him on that project that he had an excellent eye for framing shots and a unique perspective on his subjects, so when I needed pictures for a couple of new projects, he was the first and only photographer I considered. I loved how enthusiastic he was about my ideas, how quickly he picked up on the aesthetic of the imagery I wanted, and how willing he was to go above and beyond in finding the perfect locations. I couldn't be happier with the final images.

 —Rachel Pollock, author of The Decadence Papers

. . . go above and beyond . . .

From my first conversation on the phone with Ryan, I could tell he was going to be the right guy for the job. His understanding of what I needed to accomplish and his confidence in getting the job done speak to his passion of being a photographer and an artist. The day of the shoot, he had a lot of pressure to get a lot done in a short amount of time. He was cool and confident, and I could tell that Ryan had some unique gifts and talents. The results were excellent – we were all very pleased. Ryan is undoubtedly an emerging artist in the community and I believe he will see many great successes in the near future.

 —Matthew Berglund, Director of User Experience at Brooks Bell, Inc. 


. . . his confidence in getting the job done speak to his passion of being a photographer. . .

"To begin with, I'd like to offer this disclaimer: I've known Ryan for a long long time.  He is a good and dear friend.  We've traveled the halls of undergrad together facing the hordes of tests and pizza. So we have history. Notwithstanding this, he was my first choice when it came to getting head-shots.  I've known of his photography skills for years and always marveled at his ability to capture honesty.  In this regard, he does not fail.  I was so damn pleased with his work--not surprised mind you--just damned impressed.  And when the compliments started pouring in over the pictures, I could only direct them at Ryan.  Also, for the record, he is a good person.  Abundant skill does not ensure the qualities of professionalism and pleasantness.  But with Ryan, you can't help but get all these qualities."

 — B. Lazarus Simmons, actor  

. . . just damned impressed.

"When I first saw the work of Ryan Jones, I was mesmerized by his artistic ingenuity and his ability to capture intimate moments. It was with this in mind that I asked Ryan if he could be the photographer for our promotional campaign for Holi Moli, an event at UNC-Chapel Hill that raises money for social justice and service fellowships. Ryan, with the utmost caliber of professionalism, responded with excitement, accepted the job and treated our project with genuine care and passion.The resulting photos were incredible. Ryan's ideas revolutionized the marketing for our event, and I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the portraits. I would recommend Ryan not only for his customer service and uniquely creative approach, but also because he is passionate about what he is doing and the good that stems from his work. The Holi Moli event at UNC is eternally grateful to Ryan and Rytography. Indeed, our event will be a success due, in part, to their effort." 

— Jagir Patel, Holi Moli 2013 Planning Committee

. . . treated our project with genuine care and passion.

Ryan was recommended by a dear friend who recently worked with him and her photos turned out beautiful. My husband and I both agreed we wanted our family photos to be authentic to our personalities and not posed or contrived. When I contacted Ryan, I felt an immediate connection and knew he would be perfect for the job. I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and, despite Ryan having never really done a "maternity" shoot, he was able to get beautiful shots of our family that will serve as a reminder of that special time in our lives. He was even able to keep up with my energetic 8-year old son, at one point running backwards, getting several fabulous shots. We were so impressed with his work that we had Ryan come back for another session with our newest little addition, our baby boy. Once again, we are so happy with the result. Ryan is truly talented. I cannot speak highly enough about how fantastic and professional Ryan is and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.

. . . authentic to our personalities and not posed or contrived.

"We're not picture people: we don't take pictures, we don't have a lot of photographs, and we're certainly not photogenic. So when our families requested pictures of us together for Christmas, we considered canceling the holiday all together. However, Ryan made us very comfortable with the photo shoot process, something neither of us had done before. He worked with us to capture our personalities in photographs by encouraging us to be ourselves and setting us in some of our favorite locations. There were occasional breaks for infectious laughter and merry making. We had a blast shooting with Ryan, and the final product was much more lovely than we could have hoped. Our families loved their Christmas gifts!"

—Gretchen McHenry and Josh

. . . encouraging us to be ourselves . . .

Ryan strives to not only create images that capture personalities, spaces and time, but to create an experience in which the subject is completely comfortable. As a photographer, I have a tough time in front of the lens, but Ryan makes each session special and fun, all while making incredible photographs. My favorite piece of advice from our sessions: just breathe. I look forward to our next session!

— Allie Mullin, Allie Mullin Photography

. . . the subject is completely comfortable.

"Ryan took my head shots for a variety of performing arts program applications. Personable, incredibly talented, and professional are the words that come to mind when I think of Ryan's work behind the camera. One need only browse his blog and portfolio to see a unique ability to capture honesty in a diverse group of subjects and experiences. Though, the true magic of working with Ryan is not just his ability to take a good photograph and then finalize its production; it is his kindness, his listening and attention to detail--the means with the end--that identifies him as a talented artist. While I was quick to give my comically best (worst) smizing eyes a la the inimitable Tyra, Ryan helped me stop playing characters and instead be myself. With great confidence that your experience and photograph will be fabulous, I recommend Rytography. "

— Matthew Karkutt, actor

. . . it is his kindness, his listening and attention to detail . . .

“A friend of mine suggested Ryan Jones of Rytography, and I’m so glad I selected him to shoot photos for my business. I could not be more pleased. His portfolio is brilliant and he’s a delight to work with, too. It’s less like having your photo taken and more like hanging out with a friend. He puts you at ease.  I highly recommend him for any professional or personal photography assignments. He’s one of the best! Thank you, Ryan, for your fantastic photographer’s ‘eye.’”

— Aaron Kiel, ak PR Group, Raleigh, N.C.


. . . more like hanging out with a friend.

"What I love most about working with Ryan is how at home I feel with him. I don’t have to be anyone but myself; no posing, no awkwardness, no being-anyone-I’m not. It’s almost like phototherapy; Ryan and I talk and share and laugh, and after an hour or so, I’ve almost forgotten that we’re doing a photo session. Ryan is not only a photographer, he’s a storyteller: every single one of his photos has substance and depth, and the people you see are real and you genuinely want to know more about them. He’s delightfully fearless in how he approaches his photos—one minute we’re standing face to face and the next he’s climbing up a wall or lying flat on the ground to get a better angle. At the end of the day, Ryan is just really, really good at what he does."

 —Jamila Reddy, UNC Class of 2011

. . . every single one of his photos has substance and depth . . .