I am a people photographer, always have been, always will be. But when you are faced with a sparsely populated country and massive landmarks, what do you do?

Embrace panoramas, apparently. 

One of my closest friends surprised me with a trip to Iceland to celebrate our 30th birthdays. We spent our days driving for hours, saying “wow” a million times and attempting to withstand ice-cold winds. 

Along the way, we saw the most beautiful scenery. I could have stared at the ocean meeting the mountains all day. 

But how do you capture such enormous beauty? Nothing in my portrait repertoire prepared for this occasion, so I gave up on my camera and went to town with the panorama mode on my iPhone.

They are not easy to accomplish, especially when you are trying to capture tourist-covered attractions. It was not until I created this post that I saw four tiny people in the corner of an image (can you find them?)

Instagram and even Swipeable, an app that lets you upload panoramas to Instagram, have very specific dimensions of panos, so it feels good to upload them, un-cropped, un-dissected.